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Self-Funded Health Plans Can Save Money, Up Risks

Business consulting company Spooner Inc. found itself facing the same challenge its clients and many other employers across the country are grappling with: rapidly rising health plan costs… READ MORE

The ABCs of Self-Funding Your Health Plan

More employers are moving to self-funding. Here's what you need to know to make the switch… READ MORE

Streamlined Operations Make Acquisitions Easier & Reduce Benefit Costs by 22%

As a national communications company began to experience rapid growth and multi-state acquisitions, it needed to streamline its benefit process among all locations and ensure a seamless transition for new employees joining the plan. The solution? Make the switch to a self-funded strategy. Third party administrator (TPA) IAA shares a case study that shows how READ MORE>

Self-Funding Restores Employee Satisfaction & Cuts Costs

When providing benefits to small groups of employees scattered around the country, managing the accuracy of claims payments, network coverage limitations and unfilled service needs can take a serious toll on a company’s bottom line – and its reputation. IAA, a third party administrator (TPA), shares a case study that shows how it was able READ MORE>

2 Ways to Maximize Value in a Self-Funded Medical Plan

Much has been written about self-funding strategies for employers. Typically, these articles focus on fundamental elements such as understanding and selecting the best contract type, using tiered provider networks, developing and monitoring a well-thought-out and perpetual wellness strategy, as well as the unique flexibility in plan design that is inherent in this approach. That’s smart, READ MORE>

Selfie Health Insurance is All the Rage

It is not often that the words elegance and health plan end up in the same sentence, but Steve Gransbury says self-insurance can bring them together—and not just in a sentence… READ MORE

Realizing the Payoffs through Population Health Management (PHM)

When paired with the right third party administrator (TPA) and program partners, self-funded plans can achieve big savings with their ability to accentuate population health management (PHM) – while still following strict measures to protect participant privacy. Kevin Schlotman of Benovation explains three areas to focus on and how engagement and incentive strategies factor into READ MORE>

How to Proactively Manage Self-Funded Employer Health Plans

As more patients join self-funded plans, hospitals face new challenges regarding billing and collection… READ MORE

How Using Benefits Data Led to 16% Lower Health Coverage Costs

Unlike traditional health plans, self-funding offers employers access to benefits data (generic data that in no way identifies covered individuals or employees). Caroline Fraker of MedBen explains how her company has been able to help clients use this data to identify major trends and savings opportunities. Fraker shares how analyzing de-identified plan data can help employers READ MORE>

The Customization Self-Funding Allows is Critical to Shaping the Future

The customization that comes with unbundled self-funded plans gives U.S. employers many unique, “difference maker” advantages. According to Andy Fujimoto of AmeriBen, these include the ability to recruit top-notch talent, reduce care costs, increase staff productivity and improve employee health. He shares how self-funded employers are one of the few groups that can spark change READ MORE>