Why Choose Self-Funding

The Many Advantages of a Self-Funded Plan

Cost Containment & Flexibility

Self-funding has experienced significant growth in the last several years as both private- and public-sector employers search for more affordable health insurance options to ease the effects that rising care costs have had on their employee benefit plans. How are self-funded plans different from their fully insured counterparts? What are the advantages of moving to the self-funding model and partnering with a third party administrator (TPA)? These articles give you a closer look. You’ll learn about the two big factors that have contributed to the success of self-funded plans in the United States – cost containment and flexibility. You’ll also learn how you can gain better control of your employee benefits plan by teaming up with a TPA.

More on Self-Funding

Looking for more info on the basics of self-funding, including what it is, who uses it and how these health plans are regulated? Head over to the Self-Funding 101 section.