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Plan Customization

Tailoring Self-Funded Plans by Workforce

Another main benefit of self-funded plans is the customization they allow employers. Read examples of how employee benefits can be tailored by workforce and the added advantages this level of personalization can have.

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Data Proves Key as Plan Cuts ER Costs by Nearly 50% Over Three Years

May 9, 2019|0 Comments

The combination of working with a TPA to better understand the health care usage habits of your employee population (through plan data analysis) and having the flexibility to make plan adjustments when needed is a big benefit of the self-funding READ MORE>

Streamlined Operations Make Acquisitions Easier & Reduce Benefit Costs by 22%

May 24, 2016|0 Comments

As a national communications company began to experience rapid growth and multi-state acquisitions, it needed to streamline its benefit process among all locations and ensure a seamless transition for new employees joining the plan. The solution? Make the switch to READ MORE>

Self-Funding Restores Employee Satisfaction & Cuts Costs

May 16, 2016|0 Comments

When providing benefits to small groups of employees scattered around the country, managing the accuracy of claims payments, network coverage limitations and unfilled service needs can take a serious toll on a company’s bottom line – and its reputation. IAA, READ MORE>

How Using Benefits Data Led to 16% Lower Health Coverage Costs

Jan 5, 2016|0 Comments

Unlike traditional health plans, self-funding offers employers access to benefits data (generic data that in no way identifies covered individuals or employees). Caroline Fraker of MedBen explains how her company has been able to help clients use this data to identify READ MORE>