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8 Trends That Will Impact Worksite Wellness In 2018

The New Year will bring in some exciting corporate wellness trends for 2018.... If you’re wondering what’s next for the ever-evolving wellness industry, take a look below for some workplace wellness trends can you expect to see in 2018.... When corporate wellness programs first took off, the focus was primarily on smoking cessation or weight READ MORE>

Telemedicine on the Rise: Five Factors Driving Telehealth Growth in 2017 – and Beyond

Telehealth has been a growing point of emphasis in U.S. health care discourse, as health care providers look to leverage interconnectivity to treat patients from a distance and legislators seek new ways to improve care. In the past year, new state and federal regulations have cleared the way for telehealth programs to thrive in a READ MORE>

Survey: Self-Funded Health Plans Grow in Popularity

As organizations begin to assess options for group health coverage in 2018, new data out this week could help provide some perspective. Employer premiums on health care plans rose higher this year than they have in the past five years.... Additionally, self-funded plans...are also becoming more prevalent...[and] are becoming increasingly desirable to employers.... READ MORE

Thorough Claim Review Leads to At-Home Treatment Solution that Saves Nearly $100K Per Year for Individual Member

One thing that’s often a real difference maker for self-funded clients is the emphasis that’s placed on health claim review. As third party administrator (TPA) MedBen noted in a recent blog post, the savings opportunities identified can be quite substantial – even on an individual basis. The TPA shares a case study that shows how READ MORE>

The Rise of Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-based pricing (RBP) is a fast-growing alternative to the PPO systems self-funded employers have utilized for their group benefit plans over the past 30 years.... As the PPOs started to build larger networks and attempted to bring costs down, they met resistance from key providers.... there were no regulations on what hospitals could bill for READ MORE>

SPBA Releases Industry Update & 2018 Forecast for TPAs & Self-Funding

In preparing for the year ahead, the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) has released its State of the TPA Industry & Forecast for 2018. Fred Hunt, SPBA’s active past president, has been writing this report annually for the past 37 years.... As with years past, the 2018 Forecast shares a candid perspective on current READ MORE>

More Smaller Companies Are Self-Insuring Health Benefits

Small and midsized companies are increasingly providing their own health coverage for employees instead of buying fully insured plans .... As the Affordable Care Act drives up premiums because of more requirements and taxes, self-insurance has become a more attractive option because it is often less expensive than purchasing fully insured plans.... But some policy READ MORE>

Self-funding Health Plans is Hot, But Could Get Tougher to Do

Small employers are facing formidable hurdles as they consider self-funding health insurance plans. But self-funding still holds appeal.... Increasing regulation of self-funded health plans is complicating the efforts of some employers as they seek an alternative to plans offered under the Affordable Care Act, one analyst says. Most of the stiff regulation involves stop-loss, the READ MORE>

Views: Why Employers Should be Thinking TPA

When it comes to healthcare plan administration, ASOs (administrative services only) say they offer a big discount to self-funded plans. If you look closer, however, you’ll see that they actually do come with a cost, both monetarily and in terms of lack of flexibility.... Here are five benefits of working with a TPA... READ MORE

SPBA Member and TPA Owner Testifies Before Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council

In some cases, plain words supported by facts carry the greatest impact. This was the case with the recent testimony provided by SPBA past Board of Directors member, Mary Smith, of Insurance Management Administrators, before the U.S. Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council. Smith proved the point that... READ MORE